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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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minutes ago that this was an inbound green line train with approximately 55 people on board. no one was injured. and they were able to walk through the tunnel and come up what they call a fan shaft here. we're on agger road in the 2700 block of agger road. we understand that three cars did derail. according to the prince georges county fire department. but it is unclear what cars derailed. so at this point, there's going to be an investigation underway and we're still waiting further word from metro on exactly what may have caused this derailment. we have been here because of the heat that some of these trains were running a little bit slower than normal. but as you can imagine, brian, this was under ground and i don't know if the trains were running slower under ground, but we have been hearing that they were running slower
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aboveground because of the heat. that's about all i can add at the moment, unless you have a question. >> in fact, paul, we'll let you gather more information. i have dan on the phone that can answer some of the questions that you just raised. dan, first question he brought up, were the trains running slower under ground or on heat delays in general? >> no, there were no speed restrictions in effect at the time of this incident, brian. 35-mile per hour speed restriction that paul was referring to was put in place following this incident. it is across all five metro rail lines and affects trains traveling in aboveground tear require. so we put in place a 35-mile per hour speed restriction as an additional precaution. as you say, while we don't know the cause of this incident now, one hour and 17 minutes into it, we will be looking at heat as a possible factor here given the conditions and the potential for rail to expand in these extreme temperatures. >> do you know if this train was going full speed when it
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derailed? >> that will be something that we'll need to wait for the event recorder. we'll down load that and get a speed for the time of the incident. it was on approach to west hyattsville station. it was a thousand feet away from the platform, which is about the place where train operators would start slowing for the station. but until we have those exact down loads, i don't want to get ahead of the investigation. what i can tell you, we are suspended on the green line both directions between prince georges plaza on one side. with the shuttle buses that paul was referring to, operating between those two stations as well as west hyattsville. that will continue for the next couple of hours until we get the track inspected. and at least one track placed back in service after we are assured it is safe to do so. i do want to mention, we have a nationals game tonight, which would normally take many folks on to the green line, which is experiencing delays in both directions. if you are planning to go to nats park, a good alternative
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for you to consider, even though it's a ten minute walk. >> did the tracks under ground get as hot and expand as much as the trains aboveground until in the direct heat? >> this is a location that is close to a portal and the rail runs like a band. so if there's expansion occurring in the sun as a result of the sunlight and outside temperatures, that can certainly push into the vicinity near to a tunnel portal. but typically no, to answer your question, the below ground system is not as susceptible to heat related problems. >> my last question, what's the situation with the passengers? any reports of injuries? >> no reports of injuries. we have all passengers safely evacuated from the train. the passenger that paul mentioned on the stretcher was the one pregnant woman who was aboard the train and she is being checked out at the hospital as a precautionary
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measure. but no reported injuries at all. >> metro spokesperson. he mention first-degree you are going to the nats game tonight, try other means of transportation or at least other lines. we'll let you go. thank you for that. >> you bet. and now chaos near a college campus. we have exclusive video of college park last night as a man steals the police cruiser after being shot. police believe the gun shots didn't stop the suspect because he was high on pcp. john hanrahan in the newsroom with the latest on this bizarre story. >> someone with a camera phone managed to capture someone roaring away in a police car after being shot and tasered. cops say when people are high on pcp, they can sometimes be more than a handful. neighbors in college park say 21-year-old andre mccoy did not seem to be a violent young man. >> i have known him for a couple of years.
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he has been respectful to me. i haven't seen him doing anything in the neighborhood that would dictate that he would do something like that. >> on thursday night around 10:20. andre's mother called 911 to say her son was high on pcp, was armed and she was worried about the children in the house. here's part of the call. >> i'm not playing with you, ma. >> go outside. >> go outside. he wants to do it. take everybody and go outside. >> police say andre mccoy walked out of the family home with a gun behind the back of his mother. >> the involved citizen noticed as our police officer, the mom runs away. thankfully unharmed. the gunman does not chase after her. and then chooses to engage in a gun battle with our police officer. >> a wounded mccoy ran to the middle of busy route 1 according to police. he is tasered, but gets away. police say they believe he was reaching for a gun at some point and they shot the young man again. he continues to struggle with
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officers, ultimately getting behind the wheel of a police cruiser and roaring away. >> everybody watch out. get out of the street. >> the suspect crashed into a bridge wall at a mcdonald's where he was apprehended. >> andre is listed in good condition at a local hospital despite the multiple bullet wounds. he has been charged with theft of the police cruiser. other charges, and the attempt murder of a police officer. brian. all right, john hanrahan tonight. nearly 100 people are homeless after an apartment fire. blaze started in a third floor apartment last night. apparently by a young woman cook eggs. it took firefighters three hours to get the upper hand. it was brutally hot for those crews. suffered from heat related illnesses. 25 apartments were damaged or destroyed. still ahead, governor chris cristie has a showdown on the
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jersey shore. what the critics said to make him so upset coming up. if you have a story idea, there's the number and e-mail address. we're back. 
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lawmakers speaking out against the alleged sex abuse scandal at a training center. questioning how the air force is handling the investigation. at least 31 female trainees are accusing them of rape. jackie is calling for a special hearing on the hill. on grounds the military is unable to police itself on matters of rape and sexual assault. >> we are taking a comprehensive look, not only at the cases that we know, but trying to do the best that we can to assess whether or not there are other cases out there. >> the sexual misconduct has been going on since 2009, but it wasn't first discovered
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until a year ago. two instructors have been charged and a commander has been relieved. new jersey governor got heated on the jersey shore last night, yelling at a critic that confronted him on the board walk. >> you're a real big shot. >> tmz posted video of the altercation. he made a comment about his policy on education and that's when cristie fired back. sends more money to charter schools. critic says the money should go to public schools. he has not commented on the video. a new video shocking parents across the country. toddlers fighting on camera. why the mom was egging them on. and a teen has a close call deep inside a glacier. a witness describes the dramatic rescue. next. next time you have a bad day at work, remember this video. interrupt bid a cat, climbed up her back. the whole thing live. now it's going viral on youtube. the cat made one more appearance in her next live report before walking away. 
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there could be a thaw in the political cold war that is brewing over expanded casino gambling. the speaker of the maryland house and executive have been at odds. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is here now. >> this was a surprise. we spoke to the county executive for prince georges county. a strong sport of putting a casino into the national harbor. he has been frustrated with delegate house speaker, michael bush, who has been cool to the idea and represents anne arundel county, where the newest casino opened. well, today those two finally met face to face and baker told us it was a good frank discussion, which he hopes is a step in the right direction.
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>> the maryland live casino opened in arundel mills last month. one of five locations the state has authorized to operate. >> it's not going to drop las vegas in national harbor. >> but when mgm resorts unveiled a proposal to build a casino resort in prince georges county, the high stakes struggle ensued. the owners of maryland live opposed any. but others like prince georges executive russian baker are asking the governor to call a special sessionover the legislature. >> why can't the citizens of the state decide what happens to revenues in terms of the gaming revenues that would be able to come in? >> with no agreement so far, governor o'malley says he will not call for a special session at this time. but urged his special commission to keep talking. >> should we go to full table
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games or not? and should we have them absorb a site or not? >> but since maryland has not opened all five of its gambling sites yet, some economists are cautioning it may be too soon to start planning another. >> so, as you say at the beginning, people are very enamored by the newness of the casino. they may come from other states, other places that come in. that does bring revenue in. but over time, it just doesn't grow with inflation even. >> even if the governor does not call for a special session on gambling this month, he still has time. gambling referendum would have to be passed by august 20 in order for it to be on the ballot this november. >> online gambling. >> clearly, there is app rehence about calling a special session before these votes are in place. but the prince georges executive russian baker told us today, that he feels those votes are in place in the maryland legislature and he is
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trying to get governor o'malley to call this before that august deadline hits. >> monitoring metro tonight. metro is dealing with that train derailment on the green line. let's get back to paul wagner on the scene. paul. >> it was about a quarter to 5:00 this afternoon that there were reports that a green line train inbound to hyattsville derailed under ground here. we understand it may have been as many as three cars that derailed from that inbound green line train. let me show you what happened after the derailment. passengers were able to get off the train and were able to come up through this shaft right over here. by the time they were coming up, there was help up here on top with the firefighters and police getting people out of the shaft and then they were taken over to a cooling bus not far from here. we understand there were approximately 55 passengers, no one was injured, but there has been at least one transport. let me bring in caroline with
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metro. tell us about the person that had to be transported. >> there was a 26-year-old female passenger who was pregnant. out of caution, we brought her to the hospital to ensure that there was no ill. >> caroline doesn't have any information on that. it was a man that we gave video of. what else can you tell me about the situation here right now? the green line is shut down at this point? >> that's correct. we suspended service between fort tottin and providing shuttle bus service to our customers to bridge that gap. we encourage our customers, you know, to expect delays and to try and be patient with us, as this goes on. also, i know there is a nationals game this evening, so our passengers should keep that in mind and exit at capital south and work from there. >> sincderailment, there were speed restrictions put in place. what can you tell us about that? >> operators will be going at a speed of 35 miles per hour.
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this is just out of caution. we want to make sure there are no incidents and be preventative. >> any preliminary information as to how this happened? >> still too early to tell. i do believe our crews are heading down there now if they aren't down there already to assess the situation and come up with final conclusions as to what occurred here today. >> and a bus bridge going on right now? >> that's correct. >> a bus bridge going on. so green line closed in that direction. you'll have to take a bus and keep in mind that any trains will be running slower. brian. >> child welfare officials may investigate a missouri woman who filmed the toddler fight club. a st. louis mom posted this video. shows her two-year-old daughter fighting with another small child as she urges them on. the video to a missouri tv station and send it to social services. a connecticut teenager recovering tonight after he was rescued from deep inside an alaskan glacier. the teen fell through a snow bridge and wedged in a crevase
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alone for hours. he is his clothing tore away as he slid down the ice. he is in fair condition. want to make light of the situation, but sounds good right now. i wouldn't mind being next to a glacier. >> imagine the people that still don't have air- conditioning right now. they don't have power either, so they aren't hearing this. oh my goodness. if you can see rfk in the distance, in the hazy distance. the armory as well. let's get right to it. temperature right now is 98 degrees and holding. it just got the official temperature in. it was 99 for d.c. today. so we didn't make it to 100. it's the ninth day in a row with temperatures over 95 degrees. 95 for quantico. fredericksburg is hot, too. factor in the humidity. it's really up there for annapolis. current temperature in
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annapolis is 90. the heat index is 98. their dew point is pretty up there. our temperature is the same with the heat index, which means the dew point here is down just a little bit. that's what we have seen. pockets of higher dew points out there today and that's where the real heat index has been. it's been fairly comfortable in terms of the mugginess here in the city. but again, get out in the suburbs and things change out there. let me show you the heat. temperatures right now. st. louis 104. little rock cooled from yesterday. they are 97. wichita is 103 and lincoln, nebraska, is 100 degrees. cincinnati is 100 degrees. you see this blue line right here? this represents a cold front believe it or not. look at the temperatures behind it. casper, wyoming, 92. more impressively, fargo 73. they have been hot up there, too. the cooler air is coming. one more day with heat warnings through the midwest and we are
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under a heat warning. heat index will be up to 110 to 115 degrees. code red air quality tomorrow. we don't get many of these, thank goodness, every year. but that air tomorrow, that's bad air. it's going to affect everybody. no thunderstorms for us. thank goodness it is friday night. no thunderstorms up to the north because you remember what happened last friday night. severe risk tomorrow stays to the north of us. front comes down for sunday. around this front on sunday afternoon and sunday evening. strong and severe thunderstorms. sunday afternoon and evening really does look stormy. warm and muggy tonight. fair skies, 81. look at the heat index tomorrow, 105 to 110. some places will be up around 115. actual air temperature tomorrow will be 102 degrees. we warm it up and we warm it up quickly tomorrow. two more days, brian. two more days and then for monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we're going to be loving life. it's going to feel like we're
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sitting next to a glacier. temperatures in the middle 80s. >> thanks, gary. last week he won at the at&t national. this week, will tiger woods make the cut? dave ross up next with your sports edge. 
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hello, everybody. dave ross with you. the only thing hotter than the nats is the triple digit temperatures. the nats heated up late starting with back to back home runs. and then completed yet another walk off win in style. throw back night last night. nats wearing those 1924 senators uniforms. commemorating the franchise's only world series title over the new york giants. nats again, once down 5-1. now in the 9th. 5-4. here comes tyler moore. we're all tied up at 5. harper two hits, two rbi's. three batters later, the bases for adam laroche.
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4-6-3 double play. going to score your game winning run just like that. the nats sweep the giants 6-5. seventh walkoff win of the year. and harper made a bold prediction during the game. >> i said to laroche, i said we're going to win this game. be ready for it. so you know, after they got that going, that's when the tide started to roll our way. >> did he say we were going to win this game? >> he was feeling pretty good about it. >> there's no quitting in ball club. there's a lot of character in this ball club. and now that everybody is kind of doing their thing, it is easy to get momentum going. >> kind of like the throwback. try to make it five in a row. stephen strasburg will be on the hill looking for win number ten tonight. round two of the green briar
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classic. a short birdie here. he is through 7. but he is fighting to make it via the cut line. we'll move to 9. this is tiger's approach from 116-yards and he's going to like it because he sticks it, which gives him a good chance. he missed that birdie 2 1/2 hours later because lightning came near the course, followed by rain and the thunder couldn't wait that young lady up. she's out. tiger still under. today's men semis. third seated roger federer facing top seeded -- he will win 6-4, 6-3 in the last two. with that overhead right there and fed moves on to a record 8th wimbledon final. the other semifinal, the pride of great britain. match point, murray in the near court, returns a surf across
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point. winner in all of great britain going nuts. his first wimbledon semifinal try in his first win in four tries. sunday, the scotsman will try to be the first player from great britain since fred perry back in 1936 to win that coveted wimbledon crown. serena williams goes for her fifth title tomorrow. a busy day in sports. >> thanks. back tonight at 10:00 with an update on the metro train derailment situation on the green line. expect delays, particularly if you're going out to the nats game tonight. have a great night. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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